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Leviathan - Leviathan (Akarma) 1974

Biography : US outfit Leviathan was formed in 1972, originally from Little Rock, Arkansas but later having their base of operations out of Memphis, Tennesse according to the few sources available. The band consisted of Wain Bradley (bass, guitars, vocals), Peter Richardson (vocals, organ) Don Swearingen (piano), Grady Trimble (guitars), John Sadler (mellotron) and Shof Beavers (percussion). They were an active band in the southwest US live scene, and besides opening for acts such as Electric Light Orchestra they also headlined shows themselves, at the height of their career in front of an audience 8000 strong in Memphis, Tennessee. The band issued one album before disbanding, a self-titled affair that eventually saw the light in 1974. The album had been a long time in the making though, as many of the band members were meticulous in their approach to the art of making music. Trained percussionist Beavers (who abhorred the description drummer) amongst the most detailed-oriented members of a band with perfectionism as a priority. Leviathan did record a second album, "The Life Cycle", but by the time it was finished the interest of their particular brand of music had declined considerably, and no label showed a particular interest in releasing it.

01.Arabesque 6:14
02.Angela 6:42
03.Endless Dream 9:57
04.Seagull 4:45
05.Angel of Death 4:12
06.Always Need You 3:26
07.Quicksilver Clay 7:26

Wain Bradley - Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Peter Richardson - Organ, Vocals
Don Swearingen - Piano
Grady Trimble - Guitars
John Sadler - Mellotron
Shof Beavers - Drums