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Cochise - Swallow Tales 1971

Biography:Prior to recording their second album, Cochise underwent a major change in personnel, with singer Stewart Brown getting replaced by John Gilbert. As Brown had written some of the material on Cochise's 1970 self-titled debut, that left the songwriting wholly in the hands of guitarist Mick Grabham and pedal steel player B.J. Cole. Still, the music remained largely the same middle-of-the-pack early-'70s album-oriented British rock, sometimes hard and sometimes with a more reflective, folkier feel, though always with a more country-rock-ish tinge than most (owing largely to Cole's pedal steel). But as on their first album, Cochise had neither the stylistic distinction nor the top-shelf songwriting to attract wide notice, their approach encompassing a hard rocking update of Buddy Holly's "Love's Made a Fool of You"; original material which somewhat recalled the Guess Who's rootsier side; and lightweight U.S. West Coast folk-country-rock. As far as the latter style goes, "Lost Hearts," with a light early Love influence, is their best effort, while "Another Day" sounds a little like a cross between Crosby, Stills & Nash and the early Bee Gees, as peculiar as that mixture may seem.

01.Love's Made A Fool Of You 2:53
02.Jed Collder 3:20
03.Down Country girls 1:51
04.Home Again 3:43
05.Lost Hearts 3:27
06.Strange Images 2:05
07.Why I Sing The Blues 4:11
08.Another Day 5:18
09.Axiom Of Maria 7:04
10.Can I Break Your Heart 5:05
11.O Come All Ye Faithful 1:15

Cochise :
Nigel Olsson - Vocals, Vocal Harmony
Caleb Quaye - Piano
Rick Wills - Bass, Vocals
John Wilson - Drums
Ricky Wills - Bass, Percussion, Vocals,
Mick Grabham - Guitar (Acoustic), Soloist, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar
Steve Marriott - Piano, Vocals
Tim Renwick - Guitar, Soloist
John Gilbert - Vocals,
Cal Batchelor - Guitar
Stuart Brown - Guitar, Vocals
B.J. Cole - Dobro, Guitar (Steel), Guitar, Art Conception, Pedal Steel