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Rast RFC - Across West 3rd Street

It's too bad that quality Hip Hop labels like Dope Folks Records usually have to go back in time to find authentic and real Rap music. New York MC Rast RFC is the exception to the rule. When the label came across his 2014 mixtape "Across West 3rd Street" it left them only one choice: distribute it on vinyl.

There is a very raw and honest aspect about this album. Actually its just simple Beats and rhyming like back in the days or how it should be today. Talking and rapping about his past days and crimes the NY Hip Hop spirit still lives on in Rast RFC and his honest and gritty tracks. He also collaborated with Your Old Droog who also dropped a pretty impressive album recently for a dark interpretation of  a Hip Hop classic.

If you're in for the cheaper digital version you can find the album on Audiomack. Or go ahead and get the vinyl at Dope Folks Records.