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Sun - S.U.N. (Garden of Delights) 1980 Repost

Biography: Sun from Hettenleidelheim near Eisenberg in the Palatinate were founded under the name of Punished Sun in 1969 and shortened their name to Sun in 1974. They played progressive rock with slight Zappa and jazz influences. In 1980, Sun released their first own LP which contained exclusively self- written tracks, in an edition of 1000 copies. The brimful CD at hand contains this complete LP, drawn from the master tapes, and as bonus tracks the two Proton tracks “Leisure” and “To Celia”, two as yet unreleased pieces from rehearsals as well as two later studio recordings, also unreleased as yet.

01.Ohne Titte 5:54
02.The Jester 6:17
03.Seeing Similaun 6:45
04.On Holiday 5:17
05.Und ewig heulen die Gitarren 4:50
06.Neulich in Spanien 4:52
07.Women's Lib. Blues 6:32
Bonus tracks:
08.Leisure 10:43
09.To Celia 8:25
10.Communication Breakdown 6:35
11.Slave Of Heaven 5:42
12.Black Sheep Of The Family 4:06
13.Morning Dream 4:11

Rudi Herrmann - drums
Bruno Mäder - sax, lyricon, vocals
Harry Müller - guitar, vocals
Gunter Hübner - guitar
Thomas Heldmann - bass, vocals
Reinhard Stephan - electric piano, organ